Snowman Orangeahoy

Snowman Orangeahoy

Belgian milk chocolate baseTopped with an orange Belgian chocolate Snowman (dont worry, orange snow is safe to eat)

orange smarties, Terry's chocolate orange segments, Fry's orange cream, orange Kit Kat and orange crunch.

Its no Christmas until the chocolate orange comes out.

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier, Soya lecithins, Natural vanilla flavouring. Min Cocoa 33.6% Min Milk Solid 20.8%

  • Allergies

    All items may contain traces of all nuts, soya milk, gluten or wheat

  • Info

    Toppings may vary from the picture, picture shows front and back of unicorn.

    Weight is approx


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